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4 Star Strength Gym - Random Pictures November

Enjoying the Journey

Received a really cool Facebook tag on a post from 700+ bench specialist and 4 Star Gym Powerlifter Dennis Reneau this morning...

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"Walked in to 4 Star Gym last night into a deadlift storm given by Jason Kelske of GTS (Game Time Strength). Got to see something that I have not seen in a while - "Joy" on a lifters face as he smashed one PR after another.  
I wish I had a camera or a bottle to capture the moment because as we become elite lifters - we forget about those little advancements and what they truly mean and instead chase the end-game. Onward upward."

Team GTS LA Fit Expo 2012- UPSA American Cup

Small Group of Game Time Strength lifters were invited to compete at the LA Fit Expo 2012 Bench and Deadlifting Championships.

For info, video and details see USPA American Cup GTS Deadlift Results

Big thanks to Ed Lewis for taking video!

Art Fu Powerlifting

4 Star Gym Powerlifter Art Fu Deadlifting at WPF Worlds 2009

4 Star Gym Powerlifter Art Fu Squatting at WPF Worlds 2009